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Rum 1780 Harewood Dark

Provenance: Christies London

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Dark Rum, From the Cellars of Harewood House, Label from Christies Attached to Capsule. Distilled in Barbados, shipped in barrel. Bottled at Harewood. Offered in original mould-blown bottles with replacement tapered corks and rewaxed capsules. Levels: all around top shoulder

Tasting note: Dark amber colour. Softer with intense aromas of spiced oranges, cedar and caramel. Concentrated and impressive, huge length. 

Our journey starts over 300 years ago at a time when adventurous Europeans were colonizing newly discovered corners of the world. The Lascelles family were ambitious, and set out to make their fortune in the West Indies. Initially they had limited success producing tobacco, cotton, sugar and its by-product, rum. Slaves were the main source of labour, and the Lascelles family became both owners and traders of African slaves in the West Indies.

It was in 1711, that Henry Lascelles, son of a prosperous gentleman farmer from Stank Hall near Northallerton, traveled to Barbados to work in the family business. His arrival sparked a remarkable progression in the previously unsuccessful business. With the help of his half-brother Edward, Henry quickly established himself as one of the island’s most energetic, enterprising and ruthless entrepreneurs. The brothers made a success of the business, adding banking to their list of endeavors, often repossessing plantations and slaves when rival owners defaulted on loans.


Within two decades, Henry had become one of the wealthiest and sophisticated entrepreneurs in the West Indies. It is from this fortune that Harewood House was built.

The Oldest and Most Expensive Rum in the World
In 2011, whilst preparing an inventory of wines and spirits in the dark cellars of Harewood House, Mark Lascelles and his colleague Andy Langshaw found something they did not expect.

Harewood Rum
At the back of the farthest cellar they saw two dusty shelves, upon which sat some mysterious looking bottles. Barely discernible under a thick coating of cobwebs and mould, the bottles were black with age, and so toxic looking Mark and Andy were wary about touching them without gloves! Very carefully, they brushed off the layers of dirt. They sniffed the contents with caution. What had they found?

In December 2013, 12 bottles of the Harewood Rum went up for sale at Christie’s in London.

Product details

Size 750 ml
Vintage 1780
Alcohol 57.0
Bottled 1810
Classification Dark
Fill level Top shoulder
Packaging Original wooden case
To 43 States and 55+ countries.
Sourced from mayor auction houses and trusted collectors.
Overnight Air
Protective Packaging
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