Croizet B. Léon

Cognac Vintage 1842 Croizet Paradis

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Paradis, Bottle No. 639

The House of Cognac Croizet is one of cognac’s oldest companies. Founded by Léon Croizet in 1805, the brand is recognized around the world. Made with due respect to traditions, Croizet cognacs owe their distinctive style to their unique geographical origin – Grande Champagne. At the end of the 19th Century after the disease Phylloxera, B. Léon Croizet refused to let his estate die away. Instead, he planted experimental vines from America.

A famous name in the world of cognac is Croizet. Already in the seventeenth century, the family in St-Même-Les-Carrières was known for their excellent vineyards in the grande champagne and fins bois districts where they produced their wines and eau-de-vie. The official date of establishment is 1805 when Léon Croizet, former sommelier in Napoléon I’s court, decided to create his own brand to compete with the other houses. His grandson Benjamin-Léon played an important role in the fight against the phylloxera louse which earned him the Légion d’Honneur. He also participated in the creation of the 1909 Law that regulated the appellation cognac.


Product details

Size 700 ml
Vintage 1842
Alcohol 39.0
Classification Paradis
Fill level Low shoulder
Shape Cognaçaise
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