Cognac M. Ragnaud Frank Schoonmaker Selection Grande Fine Champagne

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M. Ragnaud, Grande Fine Champagne, Grand 1e Cru , Réserve No. 6, Château d'Ambleville

Frank Schoonmaker's contribution to the wine industry was significant and enduring. Born in New York City in 1905, he became one of the most influential figures in American wine history. Schoonmaker's tireless work in promoting and educating Americans about wine helped to establish the vibrant wine culture that exists in the United States today.

Schoonmaker was a pioneering wine writer and educator, and his books, including "The Complete Wine Book," remain seminal works in the field. He also helped establish the American Wine School in 1934, which played a crucial role in developing the concept of wine education in the United States.

In addition to his writing and educational work, Schoonmaker was instrumental in promoting the importation of high-quality European wines into the United States. He co-founded the first wine-importing company in the country, which helped to bring a diverse range of wines to American consumers.

Today, Schoonmaker is remembered as a true pioneer in the wine industry, whose dedication to promoting the appreciation and understanding of wine helped to shape the culture of wine in the United States. The Frank Schoonmaker Grande Fine Champagne, Grand 1e Cru, Réserve No. 6, Château d'Ambleville is a fitting tribute to his legacy, and we're proud to offer this exceptional bottle to our customers.

Product details

Size 700 ml
Alcohol 42.0
Bottled 1960
Classification Premièr Cru
Fill level Top shoulder
Shape Cognaçaise
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