Armagnac NV Larressingle, Très Vieil

Provenance: Ruellan Vannes

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Product Description

The history of Armagnac dates back over 200 years. This rare and vintage spirit has been awarded top honors by critics and connoisseurs in France and around the world. The French wine estate is the birthplace of this unique spirit, which is made from a secret blend of mostly 20-year-old Armagnac. This rare and exquisite vintage has a gold-colored bottle and a deep amber color. The delicate bouquet has hints of candied apple, vanilla, and honey. The palate is full and round with notes of vanilla, caramel, orange peel, and oak. The finish is long and lingering with a lingering oak aftertaste.

Product details

Size 700 ml
Alcohol 40.0
Age 20 year old
Bottled 1979
Classification (Unspecified)
Fill level High shoulder
Packaging No casing
Shape Cognaçaise
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