A Night of Opulence: Old Liquors Tasting and Culinary Masterpieces

Join us for an exquisite evening of sophistication and luxury. The curated collection of rare liquors by Old Liquors and the expertly crafted dishes by top Chefs make for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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Embark on a series of once-in-a-lifetime culinary journeys at the Old Liquors VIP Dinner, scheduled to take place on three Saturday evenings during the enchanting fall season—from September to November. This extraordinary event will unfold at three soon to be disclosed and exclusive locations in New York, Miami, and Las Vegas. Each evening promises to bring together a select group of collectors, connoisseurs, influencers, and VIPs, offering them the rare opportunity to savor some of the world's finest and most elusive old liquors and wines.

As the fall foliage sets the backdrop, the atmosphere will be filled with an air of mystery and excitement. Every Saturday evening will offer a new location, ensuring a fresh and captivating experience at each stop on this extraordinary culinary journey.

Join us for one, or this exclusive series of events by reserving your place on the waiting list. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of an elite group of enthusiasts as you celebrate the timeless allure of old liquors and wines during these three Saturday evenings in the fall. Prepare yourself for a remarkable and unforgettable adventure, where luxury, history, and gastronomic delight converge in the heart of autumn. Reserve your spot now!