Our History

Old Liquors Inc. (OLINC): A Trusted Source for Rare and Collectible Spirits and Wines

Old Liquors Inc. (OLINC) has been a trusted source for rare and collectible spirits and wines for over three generations. Starting as a small private collection, OLINC has grown to become a Federal Importer and Wholesaler holding the largest inventory of its kind in the United States. OLINC’s strategy centers on providing customers access to the rarest and finest spirits and wines from around the world.

Our Target Demographic

Our core target demographic are discerning customers with a passion for rare and exclusive liquors. We understand that our customers expect only the best and we strive to meet those expectations every time. OLINC is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience by offering the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service.

eCommerce Operation

Our eCommerce operation is at the foundation of our business. Digital disruption has opened up new opportunities for OLINC and our network of distributors and retailers. By taking orders directly on our website and passing these orders through our network, we can offer a risk-free share of the profits without upfront investment. This ensures that everyone in our network benefits from our success.

The OLINC Foreign Trade Zone

At the heart of our operation is the OLINC Foreign trade zone, which allows for short import lead times to deliver bottles to customers and keep our showroom and stock closer to our main US market. Our warehouse location also borders on excellent distribution routes to the east and west coast of America, as well as export to Canada and Latin-American countries. The location of our office and warehouse provides quick access to both Port Everglades and Miami ports, as well as Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach airports.

Controlled eCommerce Operation

We understand that a tightly controlled eCommerce operation is key to our success. This enables us to offer a collaboration process that customers and partners trust time and time again.

Our Mission

At OLINC, we are committed to becoming the preferred source of rare vintage collectible spirits and wines for retailers and wholesalers throughout the country. Our target market is composed of wholesale purchasers, retailers, and individual customers who appreciate rare liquors produced in a different era with the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality. Our corporate mission is to provide access to these rare products for those who share our passion.

Expert Staff

Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise to our customers. Our Company Director Hakan Karaca and Sales Director Bart Laming have years of experience in the industry and are passionate about providing the highest quality products and service to our customers.

Future Plans

Over the next three years, we plan to gradually recruit employees to augment both our marketing and sourcing capabilities. Our expanding workforce will enable us to increase our annual gross revenues to $15 million by the end of three years, with a projected $30 million by the end of five years.

Sourcing Strategy

The ability to source products that are characterized by rarity and high quality is at the heart of our marketing strategy. These days, the ability to do so with rare beverage alcohol means embracing the concept of sourcing from overseas, particularly from Europe. The Foreign Trade zone allows for controlled deployment of staff activity regarding a large stream of TTB approvals related to European imports.

Multiple Ways to Reach Customers

We reach our customers in multiple ways. For wholesalers and retailer representatives, our office functions as a showroom and warehouse. To reach potential customers across the country, we have developed an eCommerce website equipped with image catalogs and ordering capabilities. Licensed wholesalers, distributors, and trusted retailers execute web orders involving the sale of alcohol in full compliance with the three-tier system.

Embracing Digital Disruption

Selling rare wines and spirits online represents a huge opportunity, one that has barely been tapped to date. By embracing digital disruption, we can offer our customers greater access to our products and more convenient ways to purchase them.

Three-Tier System

Our commitment to quality and integrity means that we believe the best way to serve our discerning customers is through the three-tier system with sales through the network of distributors and local retailers. This approach ensures that all alcohol sales comply with state regulations and helps to support local businesses.


Old Liquors Inc. (OLINC) is a trusted source for rare and collectible spirits and wines with over three generations of experience. Our commitment to quality and integrity, along with our controlled eCommerce operation, expert staff, and sourcing strategy, sets us apart from the competition. By embracing digital disruption and the three-tier system, we are able to offer our customers greater access to our products and more convenient ways to purchase them.


  1. How does OLINC ensure the authenticity of its products?

    • OLINC employs a team of experts who verify the authenticity of all products before they are added to our inventory.
  2. Can individual customers purchase from OLINC?

    • Yes, individual customers are welcome to purchase from OLINC's eCommerce website.
  3. Does OLINC offer international shipping?

    • Yes, OLINC offers international shipping to select countries.
  4. What is OLINC's return policy?

    • OLINC accepts returns of unopened products within 30 days of purchase. Please see our website for more details.
  5. How does OLINC ensure compliance with state regulations regarding the sale of alcohol?

    • OLINC works with licensed wholesalers, distributors, and trusted retailers to execute web orders involving the sale of alcohol in full compliance with the three-tier system.