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The History of Old Liquors

The Origin of Old Liquors

It all started in 1971 when a young man purchased his first two bottles of cognac. Raised on the countryside estate of Breda in the Netherlands by a father who knew everything about cognac and a grandfather who was an expert on the subject, he had always been fascinated by the rich history and nuances of this refined spirit.

Those first bottles sparked a lifelong passion. Throughout the 1970s, he would frequent antique markets in France, slowly accumulating fine cognacs, Armagnacs, ports and whiskeys for good prices that he stumbled upon. It was just a hobby then - picking up a special bottle here and there that caught his eye.

In the 1980s, the hobby turned into a collection when he acquired 250 bottles from a friend. His stock continued to grow as cognac prices started rising. Soon he was traveling to auctions around the world in search of new treasures. From New York to Geneva to Sydney, his collection knew no borders.

By the 1990s, prices were skyrocketing. No longer just a collector, he now saw rare liquor as a wise investment. He spent decades perfecting his repertoire, ultimately amassing nearly 10,000 bottles in the cellar of his countryside estate, each with its own unique story from where it was found. The cellar was stuffed to the brim with bottles coated in centuries of dust, testifying to their age and authenticity.

As he entered his later years, he dreamt of passing on his precious collection so future generations could enjoy these rare liquors. That's when was born - an online shop offering his most prized bottles for fellow enthusiasts across the globe. Here his lifetime of passion lives on, preserved in every bottle, shaped by the memories of where each one came from. And for the first time, parts of this legendary collection are being brought to U.S. collectors, Investors and Fine Liquor Enthousiasts.