Delivery Charges

Calculating Charges


Delivery in the USA charges are calculated based on the total volumetric weight of your basket. The following charges are and indication:

Weight (kg) Price
1.5 $48
1.51-2.00 $54
2.01-2.50 $70
2.51-3.00 $76
3.01-3.50 $82
3.51-4.00 $92
4.01-4.50 $99
4.51-5.00 $106
5.01-5.50 $114
5.51-6.00 $122
6.01-6.50 $129
6.51-7.00 $136
7.01-7.50 $143
Weight (kg) Price
7.51-8.00 $150
8.01-8.50 $157
8.51-9.00 $164
9.01-9.50 $171
9.51-10.00 $178
10.01-10.50 $185
10.51-11.00 $192
Weight (kg) Price
11.51-12.00 $206
12.01-12.50 $213
12.51-13.00 $220
13.01-13.50 $227
13.51-14.00 $234
14.01-14.50 $241
14.51-15.00 $248
15.01-15.50 $255
15.51-16.00 $262
16.01-16.50 $269
16.51-17.00 $276
17.01-17.50 $283
17.51-18.00 $296
18.01-18.50 $303
18.51-19.00 $310
19.01-19.50 $317
19.51-20.00 $324
20.01-21.00 $336
21.01-22.00 $348
22.01-23.00 $360
23.01-24.00 $372
24.01-25.00 $384
25.01-26.00 $396
26.01-27.00 $400

Please contact us for global shipping charges and customs duties if you want a specific quotation.

At Old Liquors Inc., we strive to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience on To ensure transparency and convenience, we calculate shipping charges based on factors such as destination, package weight, and shipping method. These charges are displayed during the checkout process, giving you a clear understanding of the total cost before finalizing your purchase.

Customs and Border Protection

For shipments from Old Liquors Inc. to countries within Europe, customs charges will be calculated and added to your order at the time of checkout. This allows us to complete the customs clearance procedure as soon as your order arrives at its destination. Rest assured, your order will not be subject to any further charges upon arrival.

Customs Clearance Procedure

Charges and Fees

Customs clearance procedures may vary depending on the destination country. However, at Old Liquors Inc., we make it our priority to handle these procedures on behalf of our customers. By including customs charges in your order total, we ensure a hassle-free delivery experience without any unexpected costs or delays.

Importing Alcohol

Please be aware that each country may have its own set of rules and regulations concerning the import of alcohol. Old Liquors Inc. complies with all such regulations to ensure smooth delivery of your order. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your country's specific requirements before placing an order on

Restrictions on Deliveries

Aviation Authorities

Due to certain restrictions imposed by aviation authorities and local legislative bodies, international shipments of alcohol may face additional scrutiny or limitations. Old Liquors Inc. adheres to all applicable guidelines and works closely with our shipping partners to comply with these regulations.

Local Legislative Bodies in the USA

Each state within the United States may have its own set of laws and regulations regarding the import and sale of alcohol. Before placing an order on, we recommend checking your state's specific rules to ensure a smooth delivery experience.


At Old Liquors Inc., our goal is to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers on By partnering with reputable international shipping firms and handling customs clearance procedures, we ensure the timely and secure delivery of your orders within Europe. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your country's import regulations and any additional restrictions on deliveries to the United States to ensure a smooth ordering process.