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Old Liquors

Bay van der Bunt is a world-renowned collector of rare and old spirits and wines. With over 10,000 bottles in his cellar, he has amassed a collection that includes some of the oldest and finest spirits and wines in the world.
Over the past 30 years, van der Bunt has focused on collecting rare cognac, madeira, and port, and has even acquired wines from four different centuries, including a bottle of 1715 Madeira discovered at an auction in London. Despite the incredible rarities in his cellar, van der Bunt does not keep his collection as a museum. Instead, he has moved his collection to Miami, where it is managed by Bart Laming.

Laming, the head of Old Liquors Inc , the company owning the collection. With an unmatched attention to detail and extensive knowledge of old wines, Laming has tasted wines and spirits from four centuries and is devoted to finding the finest and rarest old liquors for the collection.
With the guidance of Bay van der Bunt, the original collector, Laming attends wine auctions and receives offers from buyers looking to sell their old wines and spirits.

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Old Liquors

The Old Liquors Showroom is located in Doral, Florida, where rows of bottles are located inside a temperature controlled environment and are held at perfect storage conditions

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Florida Spirituous Beverage Distributor (KLD) #WSL1617028

Warehouse and Showroom location:
2000 NW 97th Street Suite #100, Doral FL 33172

Out of state distributor licenses in WA, NV, TX, ILL, CA, NY, NJ, MD, DC

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